Would you like to help create a more forested UK?

Contributing financially will enable the continued growth of the Future Forests Network and directly promote and support community projects nationwide.  

All surplus beyond the running costs of the FFN will be reinvested in to foresting projects. 

Currently the FFN receives no other form of funding. Even a regular donation of just £2 a month would really help.

The FFN has become the central place to find tree planting events throughout the UK. Alongside this it provides all the key information needed to help people set up their own projects.

As I type, with very little publicity, the Future Forests Network map has been viewed more than 23,000, predominantly during the last planting season. We receive regular positive feedback from both volunteer planters and event organisers (see the donations page for testimonials). There is clearly a demand for the resource and it is increasingly of use to people. 

Please consider donating. 

Many thanks,

Tom White
Future Forests Network