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Connecting volunteers with tree planting & rewilding projects throughout the UK
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There are loads of opportunities to join in tree planting projects across the UK
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The Future Forests Network (FFN) is focused on improving the connection between volunteer tree planters, community event organisers and land owners.
About FFN


Connecting volunteers with tree planting projects to increase UK woodland cover.


Publicising tree planting projects and encouraging people to create their own.


Providing resources for landowners, event organisers and volunteers.
The information compiled here acts as a testament to the hundreds of projects already underway. Some have been operating consistently for over 20 years, others are one-off community events led by people taking matters into their own hands.

Seeing all this activity inspires great optimism for the potential we have in the UK. We can all help by planting, donating or planning our own local events.

For us to make the most of our potential, as many of us as possible need to get involved...

...creating our Future Forests together.
We depend on volunteers to enable us to plant many more trees than we could do otherwise.

The Future Forests Network is really great. It's a really valuable resource for both tree groups and those who want to go planting.

Just the other day I was doing a stall at a local fete, a man from London asked if I knew any groups in his area. I was able to direct him to the Future Forests Network website, it felt GOOD!

Jim Peterken

Core Staff - Treesponsiblity, Hebden Bridge (long-term, 20-year planting project)
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