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August 26, 2020
Restoration & regeneration

The parish pump, Cumbria - Nov 2018 By Jay Sayer         A couple of months ago a friend and I were walking in a very sunny Duddon Valley, up above Wallabarrow and we happened upon the most wonderful area of juniper, birch, holly... and an absolutely stunning richness and diversity of wildflowers.  But, most arresting, […]

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August 26, 2020
Sally’s Wood

By Sally Phillips Way back when I was a young teenager in the 1980’s there was no mention of climate change or the greenhouse effect. But to me, it always seemed wrong that we were using up the Earth’s resources at a much faster rate than it could regenerate them. It didn’t make sense to […]

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August 26, 2020
A wolf broke our guitar string!

A wolf broke our guitar string! By John Hodgson About 18 months ago, after 20 years teaching in primary schools, I came up with a cunning plan to have a year off work and see if I could spend most of it in Scotland working with Trees for Life. Sure enough,last August saw me driving up […]

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August 26, 2020
More than restoring a forest

By Catherine Hunt On a day which felt like summer I ventured west towards the Lake District..........  passed the turning to Coniston and to Brantwood, onwards on the road to Millom, meeting my journey's end through the Duddon Valley. I've known about the John Muir Trust for a few years now, been a member,  received the newsletter, dreamed of visiting the first national park Yosemite […]

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